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The Bitcoin Price Malaysia website displays the live price of Bitcoin in Ringgit Malaysia as per the average Malaysian Bitcoin Exchanges. Prices are updated live.

The Price Of 1 Bitcoin In Malaysia Is Currently

(Note: currently we do not include Peer-to-peer exchanges in our calculation)

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How is Bitcoin Price Malaysia Bitcoin Prices determined?

The price of Bitcoin Price Malaysia is based on the average of Malaysian cryptocurrency exchanges, which is determined by the supply and demand of the market. You can think of cryptocurrency exchanges as marketplaces. When more people in the "marketplace" want to buy Bitcoin, the price goes up. If more people want to sell, the price will drop. Because of that, the price of Bitcoin is slightly different between exchanges.

Why is the Bitcoin Price in Malaysia so different from other countries?

The price of Bitcoin Price in Malaysia is determined by the supply and demand of exchanges in Malaysia. As for now (Q1 of 2018), the largest exchange which allows Malaysians to withdraw money directly into their local bank account is having issues with their bank account due to checks by the inland revenue board. (Source: Bitcoin.com)

Therefore, Malaysians are unable to withdraw or deposit new local currency to purchase Bitcoins on that platform. Hence, it is generally deemed riskier to deposit in Luno, so the selling price for Bitcoin is very high.

Stay tuned to Bitcoin Price Malaysia website for latest updates on Bitcoin Price Malaysia. If you wish to view Bitcoin prices overseas, visit Bitcoin Price Today.