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What Is The Best Bitcoin Wallet In Malaysia?

Curious to know what is the best Bitcoin Wallet in Malaysia?

A Bitcoin wallet is essential for storing your earned (or bought) Bitcoin safely and securely. For starters, let’s look at what are the different types of wallets available used to store Bitcoin.

best bitcoin wallet in malaysia

  1. Digital Bitcoin Wallet
  2. Exchange Wallets
  3. Hardware Wallet for Bitcoin

Digital Bitcoin Wallet

To store Bitcoin, you can easily download a free Bitcoin wallet at

Once you’ve set up your Digital Bitcoin wallet by creating an account, remember to store your private key safely because you’ll need it to access your Bitcoin Wallet. Every Bitcoin wallet comes with your own Bitcoin receiving address so you can securely receive Bitcoin transfers from others or other wallets.

Exchange Wallets

If you’ve purchased Bitcoin via an exchange like Luno, they come with their own built-in wallets for you to store Bitcoin. However, one of the possible downsides is if the exchange gets compromised or attacked by cyber-terrorists, you may lose the Bitcoin in your exchange wallet.

Hardware Wallet for Bitcoin

Many parties agree that this is the best Bitcoin Wallet In Malaysia. A hardware wallet is basically a USB stick which stores your Bitcoin safely and securely. You and only you own the wallet and in order to make transfers, you need to plug in your USB stick. No one can hack into your stick when it’s offline.

One of the top rated Hardware Wallets is Ledger Nano S.

To buy the best Bitcoin Wallet in Malaysia, you can purchase one directly from their official website: Ledger Nano S

Or if there’s no stock you can try and get from Lazada. Please be careful when buying from non-official sites as sometimes there might be bad sellers. Always read ratings first.

There is, however, one downside to the Hardware Bitcoin Wallet. Basically, if you lose your USB stick or physical wallet, your Bitcoin is gone– For good. If you’re the forgetful type it’s better you stick to digital wallet.

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