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How To Buy Bitcoin Cash In Malaysia

Bitcoin core (BTC) prices are down today and you want to know How To Buy Bitcoin Cash In Malaysia?

Follow these simple steps and you’ll have Bitcoin Cash in your wallet in no time!

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Select the amount of Digital Currency you want to convert to Bitcoin Cash

how to buy bitcoin cash in malaysia

Step 3: Enter your 1)wallet address (for refunds in case anything goes wrong) and 2) Your Bitcoin Cash wallet address

Step 4: Click Exchange

Step 5: You’ll be given an address you should send your Bitcoin (or whatever currency you want to exchange for to get the Bitcoin cash). Send your digital currency there. You got to complete it within 8 minutes!

Step 6: Wait for the transaction to complete and you should soon see the new Bitcoin cash in your wallet.

There you have it! That’s How You Buy Bitcoin Cash In Malaysia.

Final note: Be careful of the expensive transfer rates associated with sending Bitcoin now. If you’re using Luno You can send Ethereum instead as the transaction speed will be faster and cheaper.

Update: as of January 2018, you can now purchase Bitcoin Cash In Malaysia via the Peer-to-peer Cryptocurrency Exchange: Remitano.

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