Luno Review – Best Bitcoin Trading App For Malaysians?

Today I want to do a simple Luno Review. The Luno app is currently the most popular Bitcoin and Ethereum trading app in Malaysia.

luno review

How it works is you can bank money to a Malaysian bank account and you will basically have “MYR Credit” in your Luno App Wallet at no extra cost.

The Bitcoin Price In Malaysia (as well as Ethereum) is updated almost every minute, 24/7 like all other platforms.

With the MYR in Luno you can then purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum based on Luno’s Rates.

Luno takes a small transaction fee everytime you buy or sell cryptocurrency. Click here to view Luno Fees.

If you are a more advanced trader, you can even trade on the Exchange and buy or sell Bitcoin or Ethereum at a determined rate if you can find a willing trader.

In this Luno Review, I will touch on some pros and cons I’ve experienced using this app.


  • Super easy to use interface
  • Transactions happen instantly, trade 24/7 via your account
  • Available on Web and Mobile app which is awesome
  • Malaysian bank friendly. Buy MYR Luno credit and withdraw your earnings super quickly


  • The fees can be a little high compared to other platforms. A small price to pay for convenience.
  • Due to its popularity, sometimes there may be bugs (as seen on their Facebook page), and it might take a while to fix.
  • Customer support is slow as well due to its popularity. It’s like going to a busy restaurant during peak hours and asking for stellar service

This is a pretty straightforward Luno review. Luno is definitely not a scammy app and I can definitely vouch for its legitness if you are a Malaysian who wants to start trading Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Do note that if you wish to trade at higher amounts, you have to send some personal documents like identification and house address.

That’s it for the Luno Review! Drop a comment below if you have any questions.

If you would like to start trading Bitcoin on Luno, sign up for the FREE and get MYR 5.00 worth of Bitcoin when you buy or sell MYR 250.00 (exchange excluded), using This Link.

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