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Where To Buy Bitcoin In Malaysia

Many people ask us Where To Buy Bitcoin In Malaysia. The first thing you must know is there are a few ways to acquire Bitcoin in Malaysia.

  1. Bitcoin Exchanges
  2. Someone can send you Bitcoin to your Bitcoin Wallet
  3. Bitcoin Mining

where to buy bitcoin in malaysia

If you’ve been looking about where to buy Bitcoin in Malaysia the easiest way is through some of the most famous local Bitcoin Exchanges such as:

  1. Luno
  2. Localbitcoin

(Note: When I say “Local”, I mean widely adopted in Malaysia, not because it was started by a Malaysian company. Also, “local” here implies as well it is easy for you to withdraw to your local bank account).

Buying from exchanges is generally safer because it is backed by a reputable company as opposed to trying to buy Bitcoin off some random Malaysians. Imagine not getting anything back after banking money into their bank account.

With an exchange, they act as the middleman between the buyer and the seller (for a small fee, of course) and you won’t need to use an escrow service just so you can buy your Bitcoin safely.

So once you’ve decided where to buy bitcoin in Malaysia (such as on an exchange like Luno), you simply need to follow the exchange’s buying instructions to get started. If you’re a Maybank user, I’ve included a guide for you to Buy Bitcoin from Luno.

If you have other currencies overseas, for example in a foreign bank account you can opt to buy from “international” Bitcoin exchanges and keep your Bitcoin there or transfer it to your wallet. But for quick and easy transactions you can use Luno or Localbitcoins.

It is important to note as well each exchange has a different price of Bitcoin (depending on supply and demand), thus it is important to factor in as well which exchange you intend to buy from and how long it would take for you to make the purchase (as the price could have changed by then).

Hope this article helps! Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions

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